Stowarzyszenie Żydowski Instytuk Historyczny w Polsce

Current Application possibilities

Current Application possibilities


Current Application possibilities

The Grant Commission of the Jewish Historical Institute has launched a grant competition for programmes connected with preserving and commemorating the history and culture of Polish Jews, and their contribution into the world culture, including:

  • Scientific and popular publications on Jewish history and culture;
  • Conservation of artefacts;
  • Partial financing of conferences;
  • Partial financing of research programmes;
  • Partial financing of events promoting ethnic tolerance.

The above actions will be subsidised to an amount not exceeding PLN 140 000. The applicants can be institutions or individuals, who conduct operation related to the actions named in a particular call for applications, and who fulfil the requirements specified in that call. Competition procedures will comply with the principles specified in the call for applications and in the regulations of the Grant Commission.


  1. An application form is attached to this announcement.
  2. Applications are to be submitted at the headquarters of the Association of the Jewish Historical Institute at ul. Tłomackie 3/5, 00-090 Warsaw.
  3. The deadline for applications is 3 o’clock P.M., on 15/05/2014. The date of submission is the date of the application’s physical arrival at the above address. Applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered and will be returned to the sender.


An application, filled correctly, completely, and in compliance with the provided form, along with all the required attachments.


  1. The applications will be analysed by the Grant Commission.
  2. The Commission will take into account:
  • Publication grants: reviews, list of contents plus short description, budget, time of publication, participants;
  • Conservation grants: description of objects, justification of the need to conserve them, budget, completion time;
  • Scientific conferences: date and description of the conference, list of participants, programme, budget, opinion from the director of the organising institution;
  • Research projects: description of the project with justification of its purposefulness, list of participants, budget, duration, external reviews;
  • Events promoting tolerance: date and description of the event, programme, list of participants, budget, external opinions.
  1. The Commission reserves the right to assign an amount smaller than specified in the application.
  2. Information about successful applicants will be published on the Association’s website by 30/06/2014.