In order to receive the title of Benefactor or be honoured by the Museum, the donator needs to make a donation to the Museum of the History of Polish Jews by signing a deed of donation in accordance with the Polish Civil Code. The parties to the contract are the persons expressing their will to make the donation, and the Museum. A party to the contract can also be the Association of the Jewish Historical Institute in Poland or another party acting on the basis of a written agreement with the Museum (e.g. a foreign committee of support for the Museum).

Donations are used for financing the statutory operation of the Museum, with a reservation that donations made for a specified purpose will be spent solely on the purpose agreed between the donator and the Museum.

We accept the following types of donation:

  1. Money, including long-term monetary liabilities;
  2. Real property;
  3. Securities;
  4. Inheritances and endowments;
  5. Insurance certificates;
  6. Other property;
  7. In-kind donations – professional services (e.g. audit, legal advice, media services, consulting).

A deed of donation contains:

  1. Precise specification of the object of donation and its value;
  2. Timetable for handing over the object of donation;
  3. A close concerning a possibility to reveal or to keep secret the Donator’s identity;
  4. A close providing for unrestricted use of the object of donation by the Museum, and in case of donations made for a specific purpose – specifying its use.