Stowarzyszenie Żydowski Instytuk Historyczny w Polsce



The Jewish History Quarterly is a continuation of the scientific paper published by the Jewish Historical Institute between November 1950 and the last quarter of 2000, under the title “Bulletin of the Jewish Historical Institute”. The Quarterly is published jointly by the Association of the Jewish Historical Institute and the Emanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute.

The Jewish History Quarterly has a modest print run, but is received with interest in Poland and abroad. It publishes articles by Polish and foreign authors, in Polish, English and German. An electronic version of the Quarterly is available via the CEEOL (Central and Eastern European Online Library). In 2011, the Quarterly was included in the Master Journal List published by the Thompson Institute for Scientific Information in Philadelphia (the so-called list of Philadelphia).

You can find more information about the Quarterly and contact its editors via the Jewish Historical Institute website at: