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Oneg Shabbat

Oneg Shabbat


Oneg Shabbat

In 2017, the Emanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute along with the Association of the Jewish Historical Institute of Poland began the Oneg Shabbat Program—a several-year series of events that will bring the treasure that is the Warsaw Ghetto Archive closer to the general public.

The goal of this program is to proliferate awareness about the work of the Oneg Shabbat group, commemorate its members, and share the Archive’s collections in Poland and abroad.

The program includes: the permanent exhibition “What We Couldn’t Shout to the World” in the JHI, traveling exhibits, the publication of the complete edition of 36 volumes of the Archive—in English as well, the digitization and online accessibility of the entire archive, educational and research programs, and international conferences and seminars.

This program also encompasses the restoration of the historic JHI building at  Tłomackie 3/5, in which Oneg Shabbat worked, and which is currently the seat of the Jewish Historical Institute and the Association of the JHI.

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