The list of selected projects

Rubble extracted from the building site of the Museum was the starting point for the set design illustrating the destruction of Poland during WW2. The destruction did not merely involve material damage. By the end of the war, most of Polish Jews had lost their lives. About 50 thousand survived in hiding, some in concentration camps, and the rest - in the Soviet Union. The burning question for those who found themselves in post-war Poland was whether to stay, or to leave. Those who stayed, temporarily or not, took to reconstruction of personal and social life.

Projects subsidised by the Grant Commission in 2013:

On the basis of the submitted applications, the Grant Commission decided to award:

  1. A grant for publication of the book “Lesestunde/Lekcja Czytania” dedicated to Jurgen Henslow, prepared by The Tadeusz Manteuffel Institute of History of the Polish Academy of Sciences, the German Historical Institute in Warsaw and Neriton Publishing;
  2. A grant for the project: “Spreading the knowledge about the Jewish HeHalutz agricultural farm in Grochów”, by the S. An-Sky Association;
  3. A subsidy for conservation of the album “Satyryczne rysunki na temat działalności Rady Żydowskiej w Warszawie” (“Satirical drawings on the operation of the Warsaw Judenrat”), application by the JHI;
  4. A subsidy for own financial contribution for the application to the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage for a grant for the publication “Żydzi w kulturze muzycznej działający na ziemiach polskich w XIX I XX w.” (“Jews in music culture, active in the area of Poland in the 19th and 20th century”. The application by Ms. Beata Józefowicz;
  5. Grant for the Prof. Moses Schorr Foundation – subsidy for the album “Be Strong and Brave: Jews, Sport, Warsaw”.

Projects subsidised so far in 2014:

  1. The album “200-lat Warszawskiego Towarzystwa Dobroczynności” („200 years of the Warsaw Philanthropic Society”), application by the Prof. Moses Schorr Foundation.