Support for activities with POLIN Museum

"Benefactors" category
Jankilevitsch Foundation
"Builders" category
European Committee for the Support of POLIN Museum
Ronald S. Lauder
William K. Bowes, Jr. Foundation
"Partners" category
Anonymous donor
Koret Foundation
Nissenbaum Family Foundation
Carmit and Ygal Ozechov
Tomek Ulatowski
"Supporters" category
Roselyne Chroman Swig
Parasol Family Foundation
Chris J. Frąckiewicz in honor of Jan Frąckiewicz
Louis and Anne Abrons Foundation
City of Warsaw
Organ Family
Peamey Tikva and Frank Lowy
Sigmund A. Rolat
Tad Taube and Taube Philanthropies
"Friends" category
Anonymous donors
Agata and Avi Ariav
Richard Bauer
Fay and Julian Bussgang
Allen and Dorothy Calvin
Hilda Chazanovitz
Lech Choroszuchta
Elizabeth Doft
Andrew Eder
Foundation for the Preservation of the History of the Jewish People in the Pale of Settlement
Daniel Garbowit
Geber Family Fund
Hermelin Family Support Foundation
Hochberg and Lowenstein Families of Chicago
Isabella Horon
Jay and Judy Espovich Charitable Foundation
Karol Uryga-Nawarowski Foundation
Marian Kornilowicz
John Kurth
Stephen and Elizabeth Ann Kusmierczak
Hanna Lachert-Segal
Luis and Lee Lainer
Cheryl Lehman
Ruth and David Levine
Alan Mruvka
Neubauer Family Foundation
Marlene Pitkow
Gordon Lee Pollock
Rachel Posner
Ken and Wendy Ruby and Ruby Family Foundation
Carole and Gordon Segal
Julia and Stanley Skalka
Ellen Sporn
Marilyn Yolles Waldman
Jay Wartski
Alicia Weinsberg
Irvin M. Wise
Sharon Zane