Like other charity organizations, the Association pursues its statutory activities thanks to the support of many people and institutions. This is why recognizing their contribution and showing our gratitude is so important to us.

Depending on the value of the contribution, we recognize our benefactors in the following ways:

  • On the Donors Wall (for donations in support of POLIN Museum or the Emanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute)
  • On the List of Donors featured on our website and in the bilingual annual reports of the Association and the institutions benefiting from our support
  • Benefactors who make donations towards POLIN Museum become Friends of POLIN Museum and receive a membership card entitling them to a variety of membership benefits
  • In the Association’s electronic newsletter sent out to several-hundred donors and partners all over the world
  • On social media

In addition, benefactors are entitled to recognition within the framework of projects that benefit from their support, including:

  • Being named in the publicity materials (if any)
  • Being named in the project press release information
  • Being invited to events associated with the project (if any)
  • Information about their support in our newsletters
  • Information about their support on social media
  • Being named on the List of Donors in our annual report (if published)

You can find out more about ways to honor donors here: