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Every donation matters!

By supporting the Association, you are bringing to life the unique projects and programs of POLIN Museum, the Jewish Historical Institute, as well as many other organizations working to preserve the heritage of Polish Jews.

Donations may involve:

  • Gifts of cash, including long-term financial commitments
  • Real estate assets
  • Securities
  • Bequests
  • Life insurance policies
  • Tangible personal property

It is possible to make donations towards a specified purpose:

  • A particular program, educational project, or artistic event at POLIN Museum
  • The Jewish Historical Institute and the ONEG SZABAT PROGRAM devoted to the Ringelblum Archive and its creators
  • The Grant Commission, which subsidizes local projects
  • Other statutory activities of the Association of the Jewish Historical Institute of Poland

Donations can be made:

  • By bank transfer to the Association’s bank account: 87 1240 6247 1111 0000 4975 6324
  • Through PayPal (check ‘PayPal’)


For tax deductible donations in the USA and Canada and further information, please check the ‘Donations in the USA’.

We can prepare a donation agreement at the donor’s request.

The donation agreement specifies:

  • The nature and value of the donation
  • The donation schedule
  • A clause regarding the confidentiality or disclosure of the benefactor’s data
  • A clause specifying the purpose of the donation

When financing cultural or educational events organized or supported by the Association of the JHI, it is possible to sign a sponsorship contract (instead of a deed of donation), the object of which will be mutual exchange of services, e.g. advertising services in return for financial or in-kind benefits.


The Association of the Jewish Historical Institute of Poland uses the support of individuals, companies and commercial institutions through services provided pro-bono, and in-kind support.

We would like to thank for the foregoing support:

The Warsaw branch of Weil, Gotshal & Manges – an international law firm – has been providing in-kind legal consulting services to the Association for many years.

Att. Roman Rewald, W,G&M Partner, is a member of Development Committee, gathering businessmen who find the mission of POLIN Museum appealing.

DeBenedetti Majewski Szcześniak Kancelaria Prawnicza sp. k. supported POLIN Museum through legal counseling in regard to Polish law and the law of New York state in case of projects carried out in both legal orders. The support included a comprehensive opinion on sharing the archives.

Mariański Group Legal and Tax Firm provided in-kind expert opinion for the Association regarding goods and services tax.

ARC Interiors furnished the offices of POLIN Museum and supported the project of reconstruction of the synagogue’s roof through sharing the storage space.

BISE Bank (currently DnB Nord) shared their office space for the needs of POLIN Museum Educational Center. Thank to that – even though the museum building didn’t exist back then – educational and public projects could be carried out.

Dalkia Polska, one of leading energy providers, except for the financial support provided in-kind technological consultations in the process of preparing feasibility study, assessing exploitation costs of an emerging building of POLIN Museum, as well as in regard to the works on administering the BMS building.

DLA Piper Wiater provided broad advice to the Association in the aspects of author’s rights regarding museums and exhibit activities, as well as the law of associations.

Kancelaria Elżanowski Cherka & Wąsowski supported the project through legal advice in regard to operations involving the core exhibition of POLIN Museum.

EMPIK shared its space, allowing the events organized by POLIN Museum.

Gessel legal practice supported POLIN Museum project with legal counselling.

LOT provided discounts for flight transfers of POLIN Museum employees and was an official carrier of the youth exchange program supported by the Association.

MaxData donated valuable computer equipment, used by POLIN Museum’s employees in the past. supported a promotional campaign of benefit concert for the Museum Muzyka dla Dobrego Świata with Joshua Bell in 2009.

Sony Music donated Joshua Bell records for the sake of promoting the concert Muzyka dla Dobrego Świata.

Grand Theatre National Opera hosted the concert Muzyka dla Dobrego Świata with Joshua Bell, provided technical assistance and an honorable performance of the orchestra.

Support the statutory activity of our Association with your 1%!

The Association of the Jewish Historical Institute in Poland is a non-profit organisation with a status of a public benefit organisation. As the end of the year approaches, you can support our operations through end-of-year taxable donation.

How can I donate my 1%?

Fill in the tax declaration form with the following name:


Write in KRS number: 0000020904

Write in the amount you would like to donate to the Association of the JHI. The amount cannot be bigger than 1% of due tax, according to the tax declaration.

We collect 1% donations in cooperation with Łatwe podatki


The Association of the JHI has developed The Legacy Campaign – an inheritance endowment program to secure the long-term sustainability and development of POLIN Museum and the Jewish Historical Institute and of activities of the Association in fulfillment of its statutory obligations.

In 2017 the Legacy Society was formed – an informal group of donors who made bequests to the Association in their wills. Detailed principles of honoring members of the  Legacy Society are developed in cooperation with POLIN Museum and the Jewish Historical Institute. We are currently working on an installation honoring the donors to the Legacy and Endowment campaigns.


Initiated in 2017, the Endowment Campaign represents a major new stage in the Association’s fundraising for POLIN Museum. The goal is to raise USD $50 million to secure the long-term sustainability of the Museum and its programs.


You can donate online with the secure PayPal system, which is available in Poland and worldwide. You can use it to transfer your donation quickly and comfortably, and join our donors circle.

Paying by PayPal is very simple:

  1. Clicking the PayPal button below will redirect you to a ready donation form.
  2. If you already have a PayPal account, all you need to do is fill in the amount you wish to donate.
  3. If you do not have a PayPal account, it will be necessary to provide your personal data and the details of your credit card.

Every donation is important to us, regardless of the amount, and we are very grateful for every gift we receive.

We appreciate your support.

Donate to the Association of the Jewish Historical Institute in Poland and support our statutory activity:

It is possible to make a donation in the USA with tax deduction. Payment can be made through American Friends of POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews (AFoPM) − an American non-profit organisation of 501(c)3 status with its headquarters in New York. American Friend’s mission is to support the initiatives aiming at preserving and commemorating the heritage of Polish Jews. The organisation cooperates with the Association and supports the projects carried out by POLIN Museum.

Contact and more details:

Rebecca Schaeffer-Moldovan