Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation

At the core of the Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation is the belief that Poles and Germans as partners can work together for a modern, open and socially equitable coexistence in Europe. For over twenty years of its existence, the Foundation has supported nearly fifteen thousand joint projects, contributing to Polish-German understanding. The Foundation supports educational projects, expanding knowledge about Poland and Germany, academic cooperation, artistic and literary projects, and organizes study trips, scholarship programs, publications and debates.
The Foundation supported the Museum of the History of Polish Jews project in the 1990s, contributing to the development of the objectives of the core exhibition concept. The Museum has used funds granted by the Foundation to develop the architectural design of the building and the programme and educational activity of the institution. A recent example of cooperation between the two institutions was the Warsaw Jewish Film Festival (2013) and the play “Utøpia” by Andrzej Pakuła.