Janette & Aleksander Goldberg

Aleksander Goldberg was born in 1929 in Garwolin, where his parents ran a haberdashery and textile shop. When the Nazis entered Poland, the whole family was deported to the Żelechów ghetto. They escaped from the ghetto and were sheltered by a Polish family on their farm, spending eighteen months in a cellar in the barn. The Goldbergs did not stay long in Poland after liberation, emigrating – via Germany and Paris – to Australia.
In Australia, Aleksander Goldberg married Janette Bromberg, a native of Warsaw, who had emigrated to Melbourne after the war. It is there that their two daughters were born. Aleksander Goldberg’s activities subsequently focused on Los Angeles, where he spent a short period before the whole family’s return to Poland at the beginning of the 1990s, following the fall of communism.
Mr. Goldberg and his family were very proud of having been able to contribute to the making of the Museum of the History of Polish Jews which will commemorate the rich history of Jews in Poland.