Piotr Wiślicki

 Son of Alfred Wiślicki and Janina Królikowska (Kurzrok). A graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology. Since 2001 Member of Jewish Community of Warsaw. Since 2009 the Vice Chairman of the Association of the Jewish Historical Institute (known as SŻIH) and Chairman of the organization since 2011. Member and one of the founders of a Polish B’nai B’rith, revived in 2006. He participated in the establishment of the Foundation for Preservation of Jewish Heritage in Poland on behalf of the Union of Jewish Religious Communities in Poland.  He continues social activity after his grandfather, Wacław Wiślicki, who was four times a Member of Polish Parliament between the world wars and the president of the Head of the Unions of the Jewish Merchants.

Professionally since 1983 a co-owner and Vice President of Dantex, which conducts business on real estate market. His involvement in Jewish organization is a pro bono service.