Marian Turski was a special guest of European Young Leaders seminar 2018

Marian Turski was a special guest of European Young Leaders seminar 2018

On 13th of March Marian Turski, the vice-President of the Association of Jewish Historical Institute, took part in a discussion panel at the European Young Leaders seminar. This programme aims to promote a European identity by engaging the continent’s most promising talents in initiatives that will shape Europe’s future.

Marian Turski urged a new generation of European leaders to counter the feelings of alienation and exclusion that are driving into the arms of populist politicians.

“Maybe this is a goal and a task for European Young Leaders, to think how to exclude this kind of alienation of great numbers of people,” said Turski. “History is like a relay, you have to pass the baton on to the next generation,” he added on his decision to participate in the seminar.

The  three-day event  was hosted  under  the theme “Make-or-Break Europe” by the city of Warsaw, in particular Mayor Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz and Deputy Mayor of Warsaw Michal Olszewski. The debates focused on various issues from populism to the potential of cities to revive European cooperation, from cyber-security and AI to ocean pollution. During the panel with Marian Turski young leaders discussed ways to increase citizen engagement in the democratic process and brainstorm on concrete measures to restore trust between voters and politicians. Among the discussed recommendations appeared: increased accountability for politicians and more voter control over local authority spending; greater clarity in political communication and a commitment from politicians to listen to public concerns at a local level.

The discussion with Marian Turski was a highlight of the seminar, which brought together trend-setters from around Europe in fields ranging from politics and civil society to business, science and the arts in order to bring them to reflection on the future of Europe.