The sounds of prewar Zamenhofa Street

An educational and artistic project about Zamenhofa Street.

Zamenhofa Street was one of the most important parts of the northern district of Warsaw before the war. Volunteers from the Museum collected archival materials from this area – photographs, cutouts from newspapers, memories – in order to use them at the workshops and revive the sounds of Zamenhofa Street from a few decades ago. Participants were also invited to sing with POLIN choir and create an installation with Joanna Rajkowska, author of the project “Greetings from Jerusalem Avenues”, the famous palm tree at the Charles de Gaulle roundabout. The final part of this project was a concert of Karolina Cicha and Warsaw Sentimental Orchestra in POLIN Museum during the second edition of Made in POLIN Festival “References”. The Association of the JHI organized this concert.



Project was co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage