TISH Jewish Food Festival

TISH (yid. Table) in Jewish tradition is the cheerful time spent on eating, drinking, singing and talking at the common table.

TISH Festival has shown a modern side of culinary traditions, the food was the foundation for stories about Jews living in Poland, then and now. The first edition of the Festival was devoted to vegan and vegetarian Jewish cuisine.

As a part of the Festival we organized: a Shabbat dinner in the main hall of POLIN Museum prepared by excellent chefs, culinary workshops in Menora Info, trips to kosher shops, elegant restaurants and markets opened since prewar period in the Jewish part of Warsaw. Additionally, Jewish dishes were introduced in chosen restaurants and bars.

TISH Festival took place in the same time as Sukkot, a holiday, which marks the end of the harvest time, as well as commemorates the Jewish Exodus through the desert to the Promised Land. The Association was the co-organizer of this event.



Organ Family

Ken & Wendy Ruby and The Ruby Family Foundation