120 years of the synagogue in Wojsławice

Grant to the Municipal Center for Culture, Sport and Tourism in Wojsławice for the implementation of the project “120 years of the Wojsławice Synagogue”

On the facade of the building of the old synagogue in Wojsławice, today the headquarters of the Chamber of Wojsławice Region Traditions, we can read a Hebrew inscription containing the year of completion of construction work: 5663 according to the Jewish calendar (i.e. 1902/03 on the Gregorian calendar). Wanting to restore and maintain the memory of the Jewish residents, the Municipal Culture, Sports and Tourism Center in Wojsławice will organize observances of the 120th anniversary of the synagogue. The ceremonies will include temporary exhibitions, a series of educational workshops and lectures to promote knowledge about Jewish culture, a concert of traditional Jewish music and a ceremony to remember the victims of the Holocaust from Wojsławice on the anniversary of the deportation of the town’s Jews to the Sobibor death camp. The ceremony will take place by the monument, unveiled in 2021, next to the mass grave of World War II execution victims.