A heart for history – in the footsteps of the Herz family

Grant to the OP ENHEIM Foundation for the implementation of the project “With the heart to history – in the footsteps of the Herz family”

The OP ENHEIM Foundation seeks to increase awareness of the role and significance of Wrocław Jews through the prism of a single family’s fate (the Herzes’) and the history of a single place (the Baroque Oppenheim tenement). It plans to carry out educational-artistic workshops for students, whose participants will take part in meetings with specialists, giving them the knowledge and skills they need to independently create an exhibition that will constitute a prelude to the planned installation of Stolpersteine (stumbling stones) for members of the Herz family. As part of the project, the installation is also planned of the Stolpersteine, which were created thanks to financing awarded by the Jan Jagielski Grants Committee in 2020. In this way, the youth’s efforts will be connected with a long-lasting effect in the form of a commemoration of specific people in the public space of the city.