Commemoration of the Holocaust victims of August 19, 1942 in Mszana Dolna with a plaque listing the names, surnames and ages of those murdered

Grant to the Mszana Dolna Shtetl Foundation for the construction of a granite plaque commemorating the Jews of Mszana Dolna

At the beginning of 2022, with the support of funding awarded by the Jan Jagielski Grants Committee the year before, the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, the descendants of Mszana Jews and many private donors, the Mszana Dolna Shtetl Foundation restored a monument that has stood there since the 1950s (in the photo), and erected granite posts to mark off the actual resting place. During these activities, the Foundation reached the conclusion that it would be necessary to undertake one more very important mission: commemorating by name the 881 people murdered there on August 19 1942, to restore in this way the victims’ dignity. A granite plaque will be placed behind the existing monument and will contain the names and ages of the Jews murdered in this place.