Documentary about Edward Kossoy

A subsidy for the production of a documentary about Edward Kossoy.

Edward Kossoy, lawyer living in Switzerland, Polish Jew born in Radom in 1913, is the main character of the documentary ‘Me, my dad… and our Jewish history’ directed by Andrzej Sapija. Kossoy celebrated his 99th birthday in June 2013. He was not only a witness but also a creator of history. He was one of the first private lawyers in history, together with his partner they opened a law firm in Tel-Aviv in 1949, which specialized in compensating victims of the Holocaust. The firm functioned in Munich, Germany for more than 40 years and helped more than 60 thousand clients. The memories of Edward Kossoy were written when he was about 90 years old and published with the title ‘On the margin’, which was nominated to the most prestigious literary award in Poland- Nike in 2007.

Amount granted by the Association: 10 000 PLN