Educational workshops on the pre-and post-war Jewish community in Wroclaw for Wroclaw students

Grant to the Urban Memory Foundation for the project “Educational Workshops on the Prewar and Postwar Jewish Community in Wroclaw for Wroclaw Students”.

The Urban Memory Foundation’s EDUK II educational project is a continuation of a workshop project for children and youth financed as part of the Association’s Grants Program in 2021 (in the photo). The second series of meetings will be held in a primary school which asked external organizations to organize antidiscrimination workshops after students from it vandalized gravestones at the Jewish cemetery in Wrocław. The advantage of the Foundation’s plan is including a visit to the cemetery and a specially created game in an escape room. These activities will add variety, and allow the students to have a deep experience that they will remember longer than traditional lessons. The goal of the project is to improve general awareness on the subject of Jewish culture and to give young Vroclavians knowledge about Jewish contributions to creating and shaping the city.