In szotn fun Treblinke

A subsidy for Gszarim Foundation
for the project: Translating
a book of memoirs “In szotn fun Treblinke.”

The translation from Yiddish into Polish of the memoir In shotn fun Treblinke (In the Shadow of Treblinka), by Holocaust survivor Simcha Polakiewicz, is a project of the Gszarim Foundation. Initially published in Tel Aviv in 1957, the book documents the last days of the Jewish community of Sokołów. The author provides an eyewitness account of the creation of the ghetto, life within its walls, and the final journey of its residents. He also devotes two chapters to the camps in Treblinka. The publication is available on the Gszarim Foundation’s website.


Text and cover: Fundacja Gszarim

Amount granted by the Association: 5.000 PLN