Jewish burial in the memory of Christians

Grant to the Kocha Dąbrowa Association for the implementation of the project “Jewish Burial in the memory of Christians”.

During his work, Dr. Tomasz Wiśniewski filmed the reminiscences of Christians and Muslims from the region of Podlaskie province (Milejczyce, Krynki, Nur, Narewka, Jasionówka, Suchowola, Gródek, Jałówka, Dąbrowa Białostocka, Goniądz). The oldest of them were eyewitnesses of Jewish funerals and burial customs related to them. None of the interviewees is still alive. The goal of the project by the I Love Dąbrowa Association is to prepare an educational documentary film describing funeral customs among Polish Jews, enriched with literary quotations addressing the subject. Schoolchildren will be engaged in the project, participating in every stage of creating the film. The project will begin with a lecture by Dr. Wiśniewski, who will speak about Jewish customs related to burials. The meeting will be open for all residents of Dąbrowa Białostocka.