Nothing Disappears Without a Trace

Grant for the Henryka Rodkiewicz Dialog Proposition Theater for the realization of the project “Nothing Disappears Without a Trace”

The Henryka Rodkiewicz Dialog Proposition Theater will create the film-theater production Nothing Disappears Without a Trace, telling the story of Lothar Baruch/Leslie Brent, a scientist, immunologist and Nobel laureate who was born in a Jewish family in Koszalin in 1925. During the war he ended up in Great Britain, where he settled permanently, visiting Koszalin only in 2001. In a Koszalin museum he found the matsevah of his great uncle, Dawid Baruch. After his visit the city commemorated the professor, mounting a plaque on the building where he was born. The script of the production will be based on conversations and recollections from that time.