Placement/exhibition of matsevahs at the Jewish cemetery in Trzemeszno, as well as marking and commemorating the cemetery

Grant to the “Kierunek Kultura” Foundation for the realization of the project of moving the matsevahs to the cemetery in Trzemeszno.

After performing an inventory, cleaning up the matsevahs and trimming the green space of the cemetery in Trzemeszno, which took place in 2021 and 2022 (in the photo), the next stage of the activity undertaken by the Kierunek Kultura Foundation is transferring the matsevahs and exhibiting them in the cemetery. The matsevahs, which were found outside the cemetery grounds, will be returned and appropriately displayed. Essential information and commemoration of the cemetery in the form of a monument and an information board will complement the entire project. The works will be carried out in an understanding with the municipality of Trzemeszno and with its support.