Station Radegast. Trail of Remembrance

Grant for the Museum of Independence Tradition in Łódź for the project: ‘Station Radegast. Trail of Remembrance’

The aim of the project is to create a cohesive educational information on the Radegast Station, which witnessed a tragic death of around 200 thousand of Jews from the Łódź ghetto. The monument named ‘Zagłada Litzmannstadt Getto’ [Extermination of Litzmannstadt Ghetto] was created in 2004, but it only includes a small part of the former station. The majority of the Place of remembrance has not been commemorated, in particular the former railway ramp, place of deportation of thousands of victims. The project aims to create educational plaques around the Museum in spaces especially connected to the history of the deportation of Jews from Łódź to extermination camps. In this way the place of remembrance will be commemorated without interfering with the original land. It is highly important because of the 75th anniversary of the liquidation of the Łódź ghetto and the 15th anniversary of creating the monument of Zagłada Litzmannstadt Getto.

Text: Museum of Independence Tradition in Łódź

Amount granted by the Association: 4.000 PLN