The Green Diary

Grant to the Museum in Gliwice for the implementation of the “Green Diary” project

A temporary exhibition at the Gliwice Museum, The Green Diary, tells the story of an extraordinary discovery: a diary in which dozens of Polish Jewish women in 1945 placed their signatures, birth dates, wishes and photographs, when they parted from one another to start a new life. The diary belonged to Frajndla Telner, born in Będzin, a survivor of Ravensbrück who along with other prisoners was saved during a humanitarian rescue action by the Swedish Red Cross in 1945. The entries in the small diary may be the last testament to the friendship of these women. The creators of the exhibition are planning to portray what became of them, as well as presenting the historical background of the events in which they took part. The exhibition will show the diary to the public for the first time, and present the assistance that was brought to concentration camp prisoners, particularly women. The exhibition will be accompanied by educational activities for children and youth, as well as a pocket-sized publication that resembles the original diary.