Translation of a book of remembrance ‘A tog in Treblinke’

Grant for the Foundation Gszarim for the project: ‘Translation of a book of remembrance ‘A tog in Treblinke’

The aim of the project to learn more about the Jewish community present before and during the war in Sokołów Podlaski. It is a small town nearby Treblinka, where the Germans built the concentration and extermination camps. In 2017 the Foundation carried out a translation of the book „Sokołów – moje zniszczone miasteczko” by Perec Granatsztejn about the the history of Jews from Sokołów during the inter-war period. In 2018 the Foundation translated another book „In szotn fun Treblinke” by Simcha Polakiewicz. His new book „A tog in Treblinke” (‘A day in Treblinka’) will help to expand the knowledge of the local Jewish community. It will also say more about the camp in Treblinka, as its history has yet to be thoroughly researched. Polakiewicz was a prisoner in Treblinka, so his memories are a priceless document for historians. The Foundation wants to make it possible for people living in Sokołów reading his testimony through the Polish translation, in order for them to understand this reality.

Text: Gszarim Foundation

Amount granted by the Association: 5.000 PLN