The General Assembly elected a new Board and Audit Committee.

An important annual General Assembly of the Association finished with a success.

On Sunday, 19 May 2019, the annual General Assembly of the members of the Association of the Jewish Historical Institute of Poland was held. But it was no ordinary meeting. This year, the term of office of the Association’s Board and the Audit Committee comes to an end, the two bodies that have been setting the direction of development and business of our Association ever since 2015. This is why the elections for the new Board and Audit Committee for the years 2019-2023 were held during this year’s General Assembly.

We would like to thank all of the Association’s members for participating in both the Assembly and the elections. Considering that the General Assembly was held on a Sunday and the agenda was packed, we were all the more pleased to note that the meeting was attended by almost 100 people.

We would like to sincerely thank the members of the outgoing Board and Audit Committee who, in the spirit of a social responsibility, met regularly in their own free time to discuss the most pressing matters pertaining to the Association.

Below are the new members of our governing bodies:

Management Board:

  1. Joanna Fikus
  2. Marian Turski
  3. Piotr Wiślicki
  4. Marek Nowakowski
  5. Agnieszka Milbrandt
  6. Maciej Kozłowski
  7. Jolanta Żyndul
  8. Alicja Mroczkowska
  9. Kamila Dąbrowska
  10. Jan Jagielski
  11. Zuzanna Hertzberg

On the first meeting of the new Board, Piotr Wiślicki was appointed its President.

Audit Committee

  1. Sławomir Różański
  2. Piotr Rytka-Zandberg
  3. Justyna Kobos
  4. Maciej Antosik
  5. Krzysztof Czajka-Kalinowski

On the first meeting of the new Audit Committee, Sławomir Różański was appointed its Chairman.

Congratulations to the new members of the Board and of the Audit Committee – we hope that the 2019-2023 term of office will be a time of further development of our Association, full of new opportunities and active cooperation with our current and future partners.