Concert of Lena Piekniewska

We would like to invite you for the concert of Lena Piekniewska, One of these will come: love or war (Coś przyjdzie: miłość lub wojna)

One of these will come: love or war (Coś przyjdzie: miłość lub wojna). Concert of Lena Piekniewska.
Polish Theatre in Warsaw: 3rd of June at 7 p.m.

One of these will come: love or war is a project created after
a (coincidental) meeting of Lena Piekniewska (singer and actress) with Pawel Skorupka (composer).

A poem The dream written by Abramek Koplowicz was their inspiration. It was written by a thirteen-year old in ghetto in Lodz and after being translated to many languages, it became a symbol of children’s writing during the Holocaust.

When he was fourteen, Abramek Koplowicz died in Auschwitz, his works survived thanks to his step-brother Lolek Grynfeld, who currently lives in Israel. Young writers from the ghetto wrote numerous poems, so selecting only a few of them for the project was extremely difficult.

When choosing the texts the artists focused on the rhythm of the poems and, as it’s written in the the Dream by Abramek Koplowicz, the hope given by the word. The creators of the project, apart from poems by Koplowicz, have chosen works by Zuzanna Ginczanka, Abraham Cytryn and Janka Hescheles. Inspired by these works the artists wanted to create music indicating everlasting hope. Unfortunately it was not always possible, in moving letter To Mommy by eleven-year old Janka Hescheles or in Change of spirit by Cytryn there is no sign of hope for arriving at Promised Land.

The project is co-created with wonderful musicians: Jacek Kita (piano), Sebastian Frankiewicz (percussion), Michal Gorczynski (clarinet), Wojciech Pulcyn (double bass) and Royal String QuartetKarolina Fender Noińska is responsible for the visual part of the project.

Tickets: 20-38 zl