Orange Polska

Orange Polska is a leading provider of telecommunication services in Poland and one of the largest telecommunications operators in Central Europe. It has the largest technical infrastructure in Poland, supporting land and mobile telecommunications as well as data transmission services. This allows it to provide services in the field of the newest technologies. The company is active in all segments of the telecommunications market, and carries on its own research and implementation projects in the field of telecommunications. It is well known for its sponsorship of culture and sports and is continually involved in public benefit work through the Orange Foundation.
As an integrated operator, Orange Polska offers individual clients and companies several hundred different services and complex solutions, available across Poland and beyond. It supplies convergent solutions based on modern land and mobile telephony services, including fast, wide-band, internet access and data transmission, land and mobile technologies, HD digital television and video, as well as countless multimedia services. The total reach of the Orange network covers 99,8 % of Poland’s population. The company’s annual income for 2012 amounted to 14 billion 147 million PLN.
Orange Polska is part of Orange – one of the largest global telecom operators, with operations in 32 countries, serving 231 million clients (as of 30.06.2013). Orange is also a global leader in providing telecommunications services to multinational companies, offered under the Orange Business Services scheme.

“Orange Polska supports the most important initiatives which give wider access to the world of culture, help to establish relationships, build a spirit of community and leave an enduring trace in social consciousness. Our cooperation on the Museum of the History of Polish Jews project best proves that we not only facilitate access to the digital world and offer the newest technologies, but also support the development of culture and education.”
Bruno Duthoit, President, Orange Polska