Iber sztejn un sztok

A subsidy for Nisza Publishing.

Mordkhe Tsanin’s Iber shteyn un shtok – a rayze iber hundert khorev-
-gevorene kehiles in Poyln
(Over Stone and Branch  A Journey Across One Hundred Destroyed Jewish Communities in Poland) was translated from Yiddish to Polish by Monika Adamczyk-Garbowska. Tsanin escaped from occupied Poland to British Mandate Palestine, where he served as a correspondent for the Forverts, a Yiddish daily in New York.
The Forverts sent him to Poland in 1947 to document material traces of Jewish life in towns and cities across the country. This book, which compiles his correspondence, expresses outrage at the neglect and disintegration of Jewish material heritage. Archival photographs from the period have been added to the Polish translation, which will be issued by Nisza Publishing.

Amount granted by the Association: 12.000 PLN