Photobiography of prof. Moses Schorr

A subsidy for 200-pages publication about prof. Moses Schorr.

The 200 pages publication presents life and activities of prof. Mojżesz Schorr, an extraordinary Polish Jew. Maciej Sadowski, one of the co-authors of the book, is a very talented Polish graphic designer who created the idea of a photo-biography. The publication will be enriched with Mojżesz Schorr’s comments on his activities, complemented by historical context. The source of the used materials and information were: Schorr’s family archive (USA, Israel), University of Warsaw Library, Przemyśl City Archive, Jewish Historical Institute, National Library and Archive of the Polish Senate. The aim of this project is to popularize Professor’s figure as an intellectual interested in both politics and religion of Poland in the interwar period, as well as a predecessor of values represented by contemporary Jewish community, including Association of the JHI. The book will be published in both Polish and English.

Amount granted by the Association: 5 000 PLN