“Jewish History Quarterly” is a continuation of “The Biulletin of the Jewish Historical Institute”, a magazine, which was published from November 1950 to the last quarter of 2000.

Today it is a joint publication of our Association and the Emanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute. Even though, “Jewish History Quarterly” isn’t printed in many copies, it has a loyal group of readers outside of Poland. It publishes articles of Polish and international authors in English and German. The electronic version of the magazine is available at CEEOL (Central and Eastern European Online Library). In 2011 “Quarterly” was listed on Master Journal List made by Thompson Institute for Scientific Information in Philadelphia.


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Conservation of the Jewish Historical Institute collection

Conservation of part of the Jewish Historical Institute collection has been supported by our Association since 2013.

Oneg SzabatProgram

Oneg Shabbat group preserved memories of Jews imprisoned in the Warsaw ghetto and their death in the extermination camps.


Delet portal (Hebrew: door) gathers scanned documents from the Ringelblum Archive and interactive tools for developing educational materials – lessons, workshops and curated tours.